Jahan Energy Services

The company’s activities in the form of engineering and implementation include the following:

  • Design, installation and implementation of solar power plants connected to the grid (On-grid)
  • Design, installation and implementation of off-grid solar power systems
  • Construction of solar tracker system with dual axis structure (Dual axis solar tracker)
  • Construction of solar power generator
  • Installation of solar water heater

Repairs, maintenance and operation of solar power plants

  • Checking the health of the power plant
  • System performance warranty
  • Corrective and component maintenance of the project
  • Preventive and planned maintenance
  • Roof maintenance services
  • A comprehensive solution provider in the field of maintenance
  • Protection and security on the site
  • Maintenance of LV and MV
  • Seasonal tracking or angling as needed in tracking systems
  • Management of spare parts and warranty
  • Monitoring, forecasting and reporting

Solar equipment

Solar Panel

- Brand AE Solar and Longi Solar with Warranty
- Bifacial technology
- Multi-busbar technology
- With monocrystal technology

Solar structure

- The best quality sheet and galvanized
- High strength
- High installation speed
- Design according to the geography of each region
- Presentation of calculation notebook

Solar inverter

- SMA, FRONIUS, KACO, GROWATT brands with the guarantee of Jahan Energy Company
- The best quality available in the market
- Compatible with the geography of Iran
- Monitoring capability
- Appropriate warranty

Electrical panel and protective equipment

- Engineering design according to the project
- Quality protective equipment
- Quality board body
- Has standard approvals

Solar power plant panel quality assurance plan

The details of this presentation are summarized below:

  • The effect of solar panel components on reliability
  • Raw materials and quality assurance
  • Operation process and quality assurance
  • Laboratory experiment
  • Checking the solar panel on the site

Technical risk in solar projects

Technical risk in solar power plant construction and operation projects is generally related to modules, inverters and other equipment. These risks are unpredictable and may occur in any phase of solar power plant construction, including development, installation, commissioning, and timely operation, and cause the power plant to go off the grid or reduce production.

Jahan Energy Group and maintenance team reduce plant outages and provide preventive measures for plant availability.

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